Giving opportunities

TeachBeyond Switzerland is actively involved with several projects globally. These projects involve TeachBeyond missionaries and personnel who are committed to impacting the live of children in Switzerland and beyond using transformational Christian education. We invite you to join us in making an impact in the world around us.

Léman International

  • Scholarship fund: LIA wishes to offer need-based scholarships to students who are unable to pay full tuition. We need to increase our scholarship fund in order to provide a sustainable commitment toward the education of these learners.
 10 gifts of CHF 300.- will cover a child’s yearly tuition.

  • New equipment: LIA would like to purchase specialized “Sit down-Stand up” desks to better meet the needs of primary school students. These desks enable children to work in both sitting and standing positions, which improves comfort and their quality of learning. CHF 450.- will cover the cost of a table and chair set.

  • Middle school expansion: LIA is growing, and we plan to open a middle school. Funds are needed to equip new classrooms, buy new computers, and build a French and English library.
 CHF 5000.-

Open Schools

  • 60 CHF will provide one child an Open Schools Worldwide basic literacy and numeracy education course.

  • 120 CHF covers the cost for two children to receive the Open Schools basic literacy and numeracy education course.

  • 350 CHF gives 5 children an Open Schools basic literacy and numeracy education.

  • 2000 CHF will cover the cost of providing an Open Schools program for a center located on the Kora Dump in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Will you provide children and youth displaced on Lesvos the opportunity to play, heal and learn?

  • Program activities: CHF 5,000/year

  • Educational materials: CHF 3000/year

  • Running and maintenance of a Beyond Borders vehicle that transports refugee children to our programs. CHF 2000/summer

FATEB Academy

Here are ways you can help them grow:

  • Sponsor tuition for 1 student: 900 CHF

  • Renovations of an additional grade level. Total cost: 3000 CHF

  • Gift of 100 CHF, 200CHF, other.

  • Gift towards the training of one future teacher in the Democratic Republic of Congo: 300 CHF.